важнейшая конференция по компьютерной лингвистике — не пропустите!

The 24th International Conference on Computational Linguistics
December 8 — 15, 2012
Mumbai, India

The International Committee on Computational Linguistics (ICCL) is pleased
to announce the 24th International Conference on Computational Linguistics
(COLING 2012), at IIT Bombay (Mumbai, India). We look forward to welcoming
you to the home of the world’s first computational linguist, Panini. COLING
will cover a broad spectrum of technical areas related to natural language
and computation. The conference will include full papers (oral
presentations), short papers (poster presentations), demonstrations,
tutorials, and workshops. We invite the submission of papers on original
and unpublished research, on all theoretical and practical aspects of
computational linguistics.

Topics of Interest
COLING 2012 solicits papers, posters and demonstrations on original and
unpublished research on the following topics, including, but not limited to:
1. Indian language technology
2. Underresourced languages
3. Morphology & POS tagging
4. Grammar and formalisms
5. Parsing
6. Semantics
7. Discourse and pragmatics
8. Coreference resolution
9. Ontologies and terminology
10. Textual entailment
11. Resources and annotation
12. Psychological and neurological modelling
13. Empirical machine translation
14. Expert or hybrid machine translation
15. Hybrid man+machine architectures & human factors
16. Information retrieval
17. Summarization
18. Named Entity recognition
19. Word Sense Disambiguation
20. Sentiment and text classification
21. Information & content extraction, text mining
22. Question answering
23. Speech recognition and synthesis
24. Software internationalization & localization
25. Deployment of NLP-based applications, software integration & quality
26. Natural Language Generation

Instructions to Authors
1. Three communication formats: full papers (14 A5 sized pages with any
number of reference pages), short papers (8 A5 sized pages with any number
of reference pages) and demo papers (6 A5 sized pages with any number of
reference pages).
2. Three presentation formats: Oral for full paper, Poster for short paper,
3. Papers are in English. However, if an author so wishes s/he may add
elements in another language (L2): a title, an abstract and keywords on the
first page, and if s/he wishes, 2 pages (a synopsis) in L2, beginning on
page 2. Such papers will have 14+2 (or 8+2, or 6+2) pages, plus any number
of pages for reference.
5. Papers must conform to official COLING 2012 style guidelines (LaTeX and
Microsoft Word templates given on the web site).
6. Submission and reviewing will be on-line, managed by the START system.
The only accepted format for submitted papers is PDF. Supplementary
material — if any, in the form of tools or resources — must be in the form
of a single .zip or a .tgz archive file with a maximum size of 10MB;
otherwise there are no constraints on its format. Submissions, together
with all supplementary material, must be uploaded on the START system by
the submission deadlines; submissions after that time will not be reviewed.
To minimize network congestion, we request authors to upload their
submissions as early as possible (especially if they contain large
supplementary material files).
The link for the «Call For Papers» is

Об авторе Лидия Пивоварова

СПбГУ - старший преподаватель, University of Helsinki - PhD student http://philarts.spbu.ru/structure/sub-faculties/itah_phil/teachers/pivovarova
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  1. Равшанов Махмуд равшанович говорит:

    Здравствуйте. Лидия Пивоварова!
    Прошу меня информировать о международных конференциях и симпозиумах по прикладной лингвистике и семиотике. Соискатель Равшанов М.Р.
    Республика Узбекистан

    • Лидия Пивоварова говорит:

      Хм, комментарий выглядит не совсем как спам, поэтому отвечу.
      Я, по мере сил, информирую общественность об интересных события через этот сайт. Читайте Mathlingvo, и у вас все получится!

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