вакансия программиста в Италии

One-year programmer position for the PsyScope X Project

PsyScope X (http://psy.cns.sissa.it/ ) is an open source software project, aimed at creating a program for designing experiments in psychology, neuroscience, linguistics and other disciplines.

We have the opportunity to create a one-year position as of May 2014.
The person we are looking for should have these qualifications:
— Good capacity of analysis and problem solving
— In-depth knowledge of one or more of the following languages: C / C++ / Objective C
— Good experience in programming OOP, multi-threading, multi-processing, debugging
— Experience in SCMS (ex. svn, git, bazaar)
— Good knowledge of  UNIX systems

Preferential qualifications:
— Experience of development under OS X: XCode, basic native frameworks, GUI design and development,  Performance Tools for profiling
— Working experience on medium-size projects (200000 lines of code)

The person will work in close contact with our main programmer. The position will be handled by Sissa,  Trieste, Italy. It requires that the candidate goes through the administrative processes that comply to the Italian law, including an official competition (which will be held via Internet).

The ideal profile is a predoc-postdoc student who wants to contribute to our project as a programmer and has or wants to have a good experience in scientific software programming.

Interested persons should contact Luca Bonatti at luca.bonatti(эт)upf.edu

Об авторе Лидия Пивоварова

СПбГУ - старший преподаватель, University of Helsinki - PhD student http://philarts.spbu.ru/structure/sub-faculties/itah_phil/teachers/pivovarova
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