RefNet Summer School on Psychological and Computational Models of Language

RefNet Summer School on Psychological and Computational Models of Language

Host Institution: University of Edinburgh


Dates: 24-Aug-2014 — 30-Aug-2014
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Focus: One reason why language is such a powerful tool for building social and cognitive capacities is that it allows us to refer, that is, to identify entities – objects, processes, or ideas. Unsurprisingly, several academic disciplines attempt to model our ability to refer. Surprisingly, those disciplines do not often work together. RefNet is an EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) research network, organized from the Universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh, whose goal is to promote research on reference by building a community of researchers who can benefit from advances across disciplines. This summer’s RefNet Summer School on Psychological and Computational Models of Language will introduce young researchers to research techniques from psychology, computing science, and linguistics, among them eye-tracking, algorithmic models, Bayesian reasoning, and mixed-effects modelling. While the summer school will focus on the production of referring expressions, its short courses provide foundations for interdisciplinary work in many areas.
Minimum Education Level: MA

Invited evening talks by:
— Eva Belke (Bochum)
— Susan Brennan (SUNY at Stony Brook)
— Emiel Krahmer (Tilburg)
— Michael Frank (Stanford)
— Alexander Koller (Potsdam).

Workshop: The Summer School will conclude with a workshop on Reference on Sunday 31 August, 2014. A Call for Papers for the workshop will follow. Participants in the summer school are encouraged to submit an abstract.

Course(s) Offered:

Multimodal reference (taught by Paul Piwek, Albert Gatt, and Ielka van der Sluis)
How children develop the ability to refer to things (taught by Danielle Matthews)
Eye-tracking methods for language comprehension and production (taught by Frouke Hermens and Robin Hill)
Statistical methods for language production (taught by Martin Corley and Dale Barr)
Computational algorithms for the generation of referring expressions (taught by Kees van Deemter and Albert Gatt)
Linguistic aspects of reference (taught by Ronnie Cann)

Tuition: 70.00 GBP

Tuition Explanation: For established researchers, the fee covers a welcome reception and coffee/tea/snacks. The workshop is free for young researchers (PhD students or PostDocs or PostDoc Fellows).

Financial Aid: Applications accepted until 23-Jun-2014
For young researchers (postgraduate students, postdocs, and research fellows), RefNet offers free accommodation 24-30 August, welcome reception, coffee/tea/snacks, and up to £200 for travel expenses. Places are limited. In case of over-booking, preference will be given to UK and other EU applicants.

Financial Aid Instructions:
Please apply via the conference registration site, being sure to include the name of your supervisor/mentor/P.I., who will be approached for a reference.

Registration: 25-Mar-2014 to 22-Aug-2014

Contact Person: Ellen Bard

Apply on the web:

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