соревнования по автоматическому определению авторства

PAN 2015: Call for Participation


We invite you to take part in one of the following shared tasks:

1. Plagiarism Detection — Given a document, is it an original?
This task studies source retrieval and text alignment, i.e. retrieving likely
sources of a suspicious document, and aligning reused passages of text between

2. Author Identification — Given a document, who wrote it?
This task focuses on authorship verification and methods that tell us whether
two given documents have the same author; a frequent challenge of forensic

3. Author Profiling — Given a document, what’re its author’s personal traits?
This task is concerned with predicting an author’s demographics from her
Twitter tweets. For example, an author’s style may reveal her age, gender, and

Learn more at http://pan.webis.de.

PAN is held in conjunction with the CLEF’15 conference in Toulouse, France.

Important Dates

now open          Registration
Mar  1, 2015      Early bird software submission
Apr 15, 2015      Final software submission
May 31, 2015      Notebook submission
Sep 8-11, 2015    Conference

Special Announcements

Data submissions for Text Alignment

This year PAN will accept data submissions for text alignment so as to increase
the diversity of the available corpora. Further details will be announced on
the task’s web page.

Software submissions.

After a great success with 106 submitted softwares from previous years, we are
happy to announce that we will continue our initiative to invite software
submissions using TIRA.

Benefits for early birds.

Submitting your software or your notebook early, as well as registering early
for the conference will be rewarded. Check out the specific benefits on
our web page at http://pan.webis.de

Об авторе Лидия Пивоварова

СПбГУ - старший преподаватель, University of Helsinki - PhD student http://philarts.spbu.ru/structure/sub-faculties/itah_phil/teachers/pivovarova
Запись опубликована в рубрике Конференции, Ресурсы/Софт. Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.

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