Lingmotif: Sentiment Analysis for the Digital Humanities

We are excited to announce Lingmotif 1.0, a lexicon-based, linguistically-motivated, user-friendly, Sentiment Analysis desktop application.

Unlike most Sentiment Analysis software, Lingmotif is not just a classifier, but a multi-purpose content analysis tool that can be helpful in any task where the verbal expression of semantic orientation is relevant.

Lingmotif can analyze any type of input texts, regardless of their length and topic. It allows you to classify large collections of tweets ot other short texts, easily compare the sentiment in several texts, or analyze ordered sets of texts, such as time series. The analysis is based on the identification of sentiment-laden words and phrases contained in the application’s rich core lexicons, and is able to account for sentiment shifting by context. It offers easy-to-interpret visual representations of quantitative data (text polarity, sentiment intensity, sentiment profile), as well as a detailed, qualitative analysis of the text in terms of its sentiment. The identified text segments are clearly displayed, allowing you to know exactly what the analysis found. Lingmotif can also take user-provided plugin lexicons in order to deal with domain-specific sentiment expression.

Lingmotif 1.0 analyzes English and Spanish texts. Version 2 will add support for German, French, and Italian. Lingmotif thus aims to become a general-purpose Sentiment Analysis tool for the Digital Humanities.

Lingmotif is available as a desktop application for the Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms, and is free for non-commercial uses.

Please visit for further information and downloads.

Best regards,
Antonio Moreno Ortiz
Tecnolengua Group
University of Malaga, Spain.

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