Two Research Scientist job openings at IBM Research Dublin

Two research scientist positions on Knowledge Management and NLP are currently open in IBM Research Dublin. Details are given below.

Research Scientist: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Job description:
The IBM Research Lab in Dublin seeks talented, experienced and enthusiastic research scientists with excellent technical skills to solve real-world problems.  As an IBM Research Scientist you can expect to work in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver high impact solutions for significant challenges in domains such as Social Care, Health and Internet of Things.

We pride ourselves in delivering innovative solutions and systems that make sense of real-world data. We seek world-class researchers who can deliver immediate impact in the space between raw data and organized forms needed for advanced cognitive solutions. We seek expertise in converting unstructured and semi-structured information sources into meaningful knowledge models and graphs of entities and relationships relevant in different scenarios.  We aim to develop techniques to extract insightful patterns and actionable knowledge from knowledge models, populated from large corpora, to help optimise human curation efforts and handle potentially contradictory information.

We expect hands-on researchers with a passion for taking their research through to application and impact. You should have proven hands-on experience of original research in information extraction, linked-data publishing, knowledge graphs, ontology design, data interlinking. We also expect you to see your research through to impact so that experience in Web application engineering, data / text mining and relational and non-relational databases would also be useful.

IBM Research Scientists are expected to have demonstrated ability to formulate research proposals, define research plans, carry out leading research, and publish research results through professional journals, academic conferences, and patents.  You will also be expected to design and develop new solutions, and work with business & development teams to ensure these solutions have a significant impact for users.

— PhD in Computer Science or relevant fields is required
— Proven research capabilities, such as strong publication records in top-tier conferences and journals
— At least 3 years experience in some of the above research areas
— Strong programming skills in Java, 3+ years of experience
— Good teamwork
— Passion to research and innovation, independent problem solver
— Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills
— Practical knowledge of Semantic Technologies (for example, RDF, RDFS, OWL, SPARQL)
— Practical expertise leveraging ontologies
— Expertise in Knowledge Engineering, Data Mining, NLP, Information Extraction and Retrieval

-Experience with development of applications for Health, Wellness, Internet of Things or similar
-Practical industry experience and knowledge in Health and Care related domains
-Knowledge of software architectures
-3+ years experience of industrial-grade software development
-Knowledge of design thinking principles
-Relational and non relations databases

Research Scientist: Natural Language Processing

Job description:

IBM Research — Ireland is accepting applications for full-time researchers in the area of natural language processing.

The ideal candidate will have a PhD degree in computational linguistics or in computer science with a specialisation in Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Prior experience in the area of text analytics in particular information extraction, information retrieval and machine learning are highly desirable.
Strong programming skills in Java are required.

The successful research candidate must have demonstrated ability to define research plans, carry out leading research, and publish research results through professional journals, academic conferences, and patents.
As a researcher you will be expected to organize challenging problems, develop new solutions, and work with business & development teams to ensure these solutions have a significant impact.

We are an R&D organization that works closely with city authorities, universities, and small/large businesses to advance science & technology.
Our group is especially focused on contributing to cognitive domains such as data mining and machine learning ; natural language processing ; decision science ; artificial intelligence ; knowledge & data engineering; recommender systems.

We offer:

• A stimulating, cross-disciplinary environment in a leading research organization,
• Opportunities for a unique combination of scientific and industrial research into real-world problems
• Excellent ties to academic and industrial research labs worldwide
• Up-to-date infrastructure and resources
• The ability to take part in large-scale international research projects


•   PhD Degree in computational linguistics or computer science.
•   At least 5 years experience in the areas of information extraction and machine learning.
•   Strong publication record in top-tier research conferences and journals.
•   At least 3 years experience in programming in Java.
•   Hands-on experience with
text/big data analysis/management tools such as Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop, Mahout, Tika etc.
NLP libraries, such as Mallet, Stanford NLP
Java/Python Machine learning libraries, such as Tensorflow, Keras, Torch, DL4J, Spark/PySpark, Weka etc.
•   English: Fluent


•   Experience in one of the following domains: anaphora resolution, textual entailment, sentiment analysis/opinion mining, argument mining.
•   Strong software engineering skills.
•   Experience with healthcare corpora, in particular with PubMed, is a plus.

​If interested, please apply through the two job portal links as shown above.

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