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23rd International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems (NLDB’2018)

 http://nldb2018.cnam.fr/  June 13-15, 2018, Paris, France Since 1995, the NLDB conference aims at bringing together researcher, industrials and potential users interested in various application of Natural Language in the Database and Information Systems field. The term “Information Systems” has to be considered … Читать далее

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PhD position in Natural Language Processing / Machine Translation at Leiden University

******** DEADLINE: December 10, but contact Dr. Arianna Bisazza BEFORE NOVEMBER 30 if you intend to apply ******** UPDATED CALL URL: https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/vacancies/2017-2/4e-kwartaal-2017/17-453-phd-candidate-natural-language-processing ******** The Faculty of Science and Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science is looking for a PHD candidate … Читать далее

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Second International Workshop on Recent Trends in News Information Retrieval (NewsIR’18) in conjunction with ECIR 2018 in Grenoble, France

http://research.signalmedia.co/newsir18/ Important Dates ============ Submission deadline: 2/2/2018 Notification of acceptance: 2/3/2018 Camera-ready copies: 16/3/2018 Workshop date: 26/3/2018 =============== Мои впечатления о предыдущем воркшопе вот тут: http://mathlingvo.ru/2016/03/ecir-2016/ Overview ======= The news industry is continuing to experience a revolution. News consumption habits … Читать далее

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First International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Texts (Text2Story’18@ECIR’18), Grenoble, France

****************************************************************************************** First International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Texts (Text2Story’18@ECIR’18) Grenoble, France Text2Story18.inesctec.pt ******************************************************************************************   Proceedings to be submitted to CEUR workshop proceedings (potentially indexed on DBLP). Authors of relevant papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their … Читать далее

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NLP Challenges for Detecting Medication and Adverse Drug Events from Electronic Health Records (MADE1.0)

http://bio-nlp.org/index.php/announcements/39-nlp-challenges Adverse drug events (ADEs) are common and occur in approximately 2-5% of hospitalized adult patients. Each ADE is estimated to increase healthcare cost by more than $3,200. Severe ADEs rank among the top 5 or 6 leading causes of … Читать далее

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Semantic Deep Learning

Semantic Web technologies and deep learning share the goal of creating intelligent artifacts that emulate human capacities such as reasoning, validating, and predicting. Both fields have been impacting data and knowledge analysis considerably as well as their associated abstract representations. … Читать далее

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Стали доступными обучающие выборки для дорожки по разрешению лексической многозначности

На конференции Диалог-2018 впервые пройдет дорожка по извлечению смыслов слов из текстов и разрешению лексической многозначности для русского языка. Участники смогут оценить качество работы современных моделей векторных представлений (word sense embeddings) для русского языка и других методов разрешения лексической многозначности. … Читать далее

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Лекции Стефана Гриса в НИУ ВШЭ

Stefan Gries — профессор университета Калифорнии, Санта-Барбара, специалист по корпусной и квантитативной лингвистике. http://www.linguistics.ucsb.edu/faculty/stgries/ Лекции будут прочитаны 29 и 30 ноября по теме «Quantitative methods in corpus linguistics». Они организованы Международной лабораторией языковой конвергенции совместно со Школой лингвистики НИУ ВШЭ. 29 … Читать далее

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PhD and Post-doc openings (DeepSPIN project)

The University of Lisbon will soon be announcing 3 PhD student and 3 post-doctoral positions for my forthcoming ERC-funded project DeepSPIN («Deep Structured Prediction in Natural Language Processing»). This 5-year frontier research project will start in January 2018, and it … Читать далее

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Neural Machine Translation Implementations


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