Available PhD and Post-doc positions in Text and Data Mining in the Knowledge Media institute, United Kingdom

The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) is a leading research centre associated with the Open University. Research in KMi focuses on web & data science, natural language processing, information retrieval, machine learning and their applications to solve real-world problems. We are currently offering fully-funded PhD studentships as well as post-doc positions in the area of Text and Data Mining of Scientific Literature. Applications are invited from UK, EU and international students. KMi is located in Milton Keynes, 30 minutes by train from London.


We offer:
— A team of young, friendly and highly motivated colleagues, who are passionate about research.
— A work environment that is well equipped with the newest hardware technology
— Strong support for your personal development and career planning
— Ability to publish and attend key conferences
— An attractive work environment both within the research group and beyond
— Collaboration with industry partners and excellent prospects of getting your work integrated in real-world applications
— No teaching duties, 100% focus on research and development
— Budget for new kit (typically Mac Pro, large screen, etc.)
— Competitive salary

You bring:

—          Master?s degree (PhD for AC2 grade researcher application) in Computer Science or related field.

—          Ability to communicate ideas clearly both orally as well as in writing and fluency in English.

—          Good theoretical foundation and some practical experience with at least two of the following: data analysis/statistics, machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval, semantic web.

—          Ability to design and prototype software solutions.

—          Solid programming skills.

—          Ability to analyse data in Python, R or Matlab.

—          Good knowledge and experience of working with and querying databases.

—          Good knowledge of the Linux environment (deployment, essential scripting, configuration, logging, etc.).

—          Willingness to learn new things every day and seek solutions to complex problems.

—          You are willing to relocate and carry out your research from within the Open University campus.

PhD positions:

—          Web-scale research analytics for identifying high performance and trends: data-driven approaches to scientometrics

—          Large-scale information extraction from unstructured textual resources

—          Large-scale real-time aggregation and synchronization of web & knowledge resources

—          Identifying and predicting research & innovation

—          Discovering facts to support or refute claims

—          Reproducibility of text and data mining workflows
More information about the positions, salary and a guide on how to apply: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12HwaObkUFAz7GVHl3d0K1v6rllkcCtThmq5yT5tOh-E/edit?usp=sharing

Researcher — Text and Data Mining position:
You will work as part of a team of developers and researchers on designing, prototyping and putting into practice novel scalable solutions helping scientists to work with research literature more effectively. Your work will involve:
— collaboratively designing Text and Data mining experiments
— gathering data and developing prototypes
— training and testing (machine learning) models
— conducting and analysing experimental data
— contributing to the writing of research papers
— moving prototypes into a production environment
More information about the positions, salary and information on how to apply: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz6QWs4w8jPUUV9vLVA1ZW9wV1E/view?usp=sharing
Fixed term contract — 12 months duration (with a possibility of extension)

Prospective candidates fulfilling the above criteria are encouraged to contact me by email prior to official application.

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