Third Workshop on Chatbots and Conversational Agent Technologies

Call for papers

Third Workshop on Chatbots and Conversational Agent Technologies (WOCHAT 2018)

Special Session at IWSDS2018, Singapore, May 14-16, 2018


Although chat-oriented dialogue systems have been around for many years, they have been recently gaining a lot of popularity in both research and commercial arenas. From the commercial stand point, chat-oriented dialogue seems to be providing an excellent means to engage users for entertainment purposes, as well as to give a more human-like appearance to established vertical goal-oriented dialogue systems.

This workshop invites original research contributions on all aspects of chat-oriented dialogue, including closely related areas such as knowledge representation and reasoning, language generation, and natural language understanding, among others. In this sense the workshop will invite for both long and short paper submissions in areas including (but not restricted to):

* Chat-oriented dialogue systems

* Data collections and resources

* Information extraction

* Natural language understanding

* General domain knowledge representation

* Common sense and reasoning

* Natural language generation

* Emotion detection and generation

* Sense of humour detection and generation

* Chat-oriented dialogue evaluation

* User studies and system evaluation

* Multimodal human-computer interaction

Paper Submissions:

Prospective authors are invited to follow the IWSDS 2018 paper preparation guidelines ( Paper submissions must be done in electronic format through the IWSDS 2018 conference submission page (, where you must select «WOCHAT» under the available submission categories.

Important Dates:

Workshop paper submission deadline: January 14, 2018

Workshop paper notification deadline: February 18, 2018

Shared task report submission deadline: January 21, 2018

Shared task report notification deadline: February 18, 2018

Workshop Organizers:

Ryuichiro Higashinaka – Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (Japan)

Ron Artstein – University of Southern California (USA)

Rafael E. Banchs – Institute for Infocomm Research (Singapore)

Wolfgang Minker – Ulm University (Germany)

Verena Rieser – Heriot-Watt University (UK)

Shared Task Organizers:

Bayan Abu Shawar – Arab Open University (Jordan)

Luis Fernando D’Haro – Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Singapore)

Zhou Yu – University of California, Davis (USA)

Steering Committee:

David Traum – University of Southern California (USA)

Joseph Mariani – LIMSI-CNRS (France)

Alexander Rudnicky – Carnegie Mellon University (USA)

Haizhou Li – National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Об авторе Лидия Пивоварова

СПбГУ - старший преподаватель, University of Helsinki - PhD student
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